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Forex/CFD trading involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. Read HaitiForex risk disclosure before trading Forex/CFDs. ​
Haiti Forex White Label

A Forex White Label business enters into a partnership agreement with an existing FX brokerage firm to
receive access to the broker’s trading platform and liquidity, but under the unique brand of the white label
affiliate to make commissions from the spread by a volume of trade.
White label

White Forex Label partnership is for those who want to operate own brokerage business .
Our profits it's to looking for to make a minimum $ commissions a year with a minimum
volume 100,000 traders who are willing to trade via mobile system(cellphone)
In Haiti they are more than 6,000,000 people used cellphones we just only need 0.016% of them
calculate like this

The possibility with our 100,000 traders to make 5 trades a day with with a minimum 10 cent by trade for
a spread of 3 pips mean 0.10X3=0.3x100000 = $150,000.00 a week minimum.
- Real MT4 GUI with your company name and logo on it
- Possibility to make different trading commissions for your clients
- FIX API compatibility if you want to connect your own systems directly
- Metatrader Manager software
- Real Liquidity provider quotes with low spreads
- Access to interbank liquidity

How will it work:

We offer only ECN white Label. You will be able to open trading accounts for your clients and manage
their funds manually or using FIX API. You will see traders performance using Metatrader Manager. With
White Label Partnership all deposits and withdrawals are made through our account. They do not accept
deposits and do not make withdrawals to our clients directly. Only to our account. At this momment we
need an escrow deposit for the broker to do this transaction.

How much will it cost:

$ 5,000 for MT4 license and setup of all systems to work as you need (paid once). Service fee $ 1000
per month paid to Metaquotes (Extra $ 1000 per month if you need mobile platforms 
– Android, iPhone,
Windows mobile). Security deposit $ 6,000 or $ 8,250 with mobile platform support.
Please be informed that FXOpen does not provide services for United States residents.
We are looking 50 investors to sell 50% share in the White label brokerage company at $3000 per
investors plus $500 fee.

We need $250,000.00 escrow deposit. Our risk only $500 fee.

The $500 fee will help to buy the sotfware and to build the business website and marketing
Each investor has 1% share in this company

With our Forex platform White Label the deposit will be in haitian gourdes and in US dollars to attire
more haitians traders via all major haitian bank debit card and other source of deposit

Jackson St Pierre, Miami,FL

    I am a full time FIU student in Miami, business major with student loans adding up, rent to pay, and mandatory child support payments to make. I was working part time jobs, and not even close to earning enough to make ends meet. While waiting in traffic getting from one of my part time jobs, I picked up my cell phone and started dialing a number from an ad on the back of a white suv that said "learn to make money 24/7." Wow, is that person for-real I said. It was one of the best phone call I could make, the training one on one with Tiga Souverain and his energy and enthusiasm, gave me the motivation I needed. My new Knowledge in Forex trading is superb, know when I get in front of the computer is to make money, not to spend time in facebook. 

Saul Bourjoly,Philadelphia, PA

    Had some Forex Trading experience from a Trading course I took previously. I was unhappy with the outcome, I didn't have a grasp on the right way of setting up strategies to win. After having lost in trading at least 5 times of what Tiga's course costs, I was skeptical towards this Forex Training, but I knew I had to try it to be able to compare outcomes. Forex Online Class training far surpassed my expectations, for the cost its amazing. Trading use to feel a lot like a legal scam, giving my money to the world markets just so they could steal from me. All of my trades where closed as loosing trades. Know I am beating the market making anywhere between 30 to 45% monthly of my trading capital. 

Yves Albert Derissaint, Ottawa, Canada
    My Retirement funds, always seemed reasonable to me until I retired. I'm retired but very active, all of a sudden I acquired wants I didn't have when I was busy in my work routine. I want to travel, be a generous Grandfather, eat out for dinner and so on and so on. Truly Forex Trading is the only way I have been able to give myself these wants, I highly recommend the one on one educational training with Tiga at Forex Trading Online Class

Nathacha Alexis,Aux Cayes, Haiti.

    Super easy i decide to move in Haiti i took my forex trading Online Class via Zoom, i made the impossible possible. I thought analyzing Graphs, and trying to figure out all of the negative news from Europe. When i feel confuse with a trade Tiga almost there to help me make money in Forex trading. I can say Tiga  having show me good skill strategy help me grow my $5000 to $25000 in 7 months feeling confident enough to placing more than 10 trades daily and make more money than I used to work in my 40 hours a week job when i used to live in Boston, MA, USA.  
    The first thing I tell all my students is that Forex is risky and not suitable for everyone. This is the reason why education in the markets is so important. I want my students to accomplish their purpose when trading, to stick to a specific idea so they can achieve their financial goals one day at a time. "Your success will be measured by your ability to keep on trying, so never give up. The world will always give you opportunities, it is up to you to grab it."

Why Learn Forex from me? 
     In the internet you could find lots of information on forex for free, but attached to that free information you will get a million other products that they are trying to sell you.. On top of that you could spend months trying to figure out all of the information involved with Forex trading. Face it, there is really nothing for free. With me you will get straight forward Professional Education that will teach you the proper ways to make money on a daily basis. In short, only those that get training from a professional trader manage to make money in Forex. I have spent thousands of dollars in my investing education, I'm giving you my time and knowledge for only a fraction of the cost in the Online Class.
The fundamentals
    After I tried a lots of things, my friend invited me to go to the Forex Trading online University in 2002, but in 2005 i start to stay home to trade forex as a daily trader, in 2007 i start to open a Forex Trading Academic to help me build more strategy for now all my dreams are accomplete 86% have a luxury cars and my mortgage almost pay off take vacation any time i want. Been Poor is a choice, Be part of the online class anywhere you live to help you built your dream.
                                                                            Prof,Tiga Souverain forex trader, since 2003
                                                                                                      Cell 561-379-2632
Qu'est-ce que le FOREX ?

Le marché des changes, également appelé « FOREX » ou « Forex » ou « Retail forex » ou « FX » ou « Spot FX » ou simplement « Spot » est le plus grand marché financier au monde, avec un volume de plus de 4 billions de dollars par jour. Si vous comparez cela au volume de 25 milliards de dollars par jour négocié à la Bourse de New York, vous pouvez facilement voir à quel point le marché des changes est énorme. Cela équivaut en fait à plus de trois fois le montant total des actions et des marchés à terme combinés ! Roches de forex !

Que traite-t-on sur le marché des changes ?

La réponse simple est l'argent. Le trading Forex est l'achat simultané d'une devise et la vente d'une autre. Les devises sont négociées par l'intermédiaire d'un courtier ou d'un négociant et sont négociées par paires ; par exemple l'euro et le dollar américain (EUR/USD) ou la livre sterling et le yen japonais (GBP/JPY).
Parce que vous n'achetez rien de physique, ce type de commerce peut être déroutant. Considérez l'achat d'une devise comme l'achat d'une action dans un pays particulier. Lorsque vous achetez, disons, du yen japonais, vous achetez en fait une part de l'économie japonaise, car le prix de la devise reflète directement ce que le marché pense de la santé actuelle et future de l'économie japonaise.

A-Il existe 2 types d'analyse de base que vous pouvez effectuer lorsque vous abordez le Forex :
1-Analyse fondamentale. (Actualités économiques)
2-Analyse technique.(Graphiques)

B-Comment faire un échange
1_ Avant de vous connecter pour trader, consultez les actualités sur
2- Recherche des trois étapes confidentielles cibles (Support ou Résistance) Période mensuelle, hebdomadaire, quotidienne dans toutes les paires pour la bonne opportunité de trading.

3-Lorsque le marché atteint la cible, vous pouvez entrer une transaction ou attendre le signal dans un court laps de temps de 1 minute à 4 heures avant de placer une transaction.

C-Gestion de l'argent
a) Pour avoir une bonne gestion de l'argent, vous devez risquer 3% sur votre compte tous les 100 pips.
D- La tendance est votre amie
1-Comment connaître la tendance
a- Aller dans le laps de temps quotidien met 200 moyenne mobile
b- Si la dernière bougie est dans le haut de la moyenne mobile de 200, c'est une tendance à la hausse
c-Si la dernière bougie est au bas de la moyenne mobile de 200, c'est une tendance à la baisse